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Locations of May '22 OG Build Contest

In May, 2022 we held an Islet Build Contest for 2,500 $WRLD (will later become $TOPIA). There were 23 incredible entries. Our team continues to be astoundingly impressed with the creativity of our community. We created warp commands in-game so everyone can visit these amazing creations. Simply type /warp isletXXXX with XXXX being the ID of each location. NOTE: Owners may change their build at any time. As of this update, here is what you'll find: CONTEST WINNER - CONGRATULATIONS TO PALAMZ, SON OF CRUZOE! The Space Shuttle /warp islet543 Creator: Palamz, son of Cruzoe
ALL ENTRIES (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER): The Rainbow Brizz with Swaying on Top Skydeck /warp islet1405 Creator: Brizz
Eiffel Tower of White Sands /warp islet1555 Creator: Ultros
Treetop Lounge with Universe Express Elevator to the Pool Under the Sun /warp islet1719 Creator: Taborlin
First Build Ever /warp islet424 Creator: Hype Me
Stairways to Heaven Treehouse Waterfall /warp islet478 Creator: AbsoluteSoul
Dragons & Rainbows /warp islet80 Creator: Annamerica
Casa De La Boom with Basement of Wonder /warp islet153 Creator: Brizz
Sunken Ship 360 Lounge Entertainment Venue with Living Quarters /warp islet2155 Creator: BWild
Memorial Statue of Prince, a Very Good French Bulldog /warp islet1829 Creator: Don Appleoni
Everyone's Welcome at the BadBabyDinosNFT Hangout /warp islet914 Creator: JohnnyCaboshi
Hidden Doors, Alchemy Hut, Below Water Viewing Deck, Yoga Sanctuary /warp islet781 Creator: JohnnyG
Modern Mansion /warp islet437 Creator: Lij & Ethan420
Impact Auto Glass HQ /warp islet2593 Creator: Nobake.eth & Dunking Ducks
First Build Ever /warp islet1536 Creator: PuraVida
For the Children, Women and Men of Ukraine /warp1475 Creator: Don Appleoni
High in the Sky, The First of Many Towers /warp islet2395 Creator: Ray | Metizen
Waterpark Concept /warp islet1303 Creator: Razmusrok
Helicopter Pad & Dock /warp islet1366 Creator: SJ951
Rising Suns Complex /warp islet1258 Creator: Snow on CosmicCowboy's Islet
Appeloni's Spa /warp islet1082 Creator: Don Appleoni
Freestyle That Has it All /warp islet517 Creator: ThatDarkMTG
ZEN House /warp islet1600 Creator: Z3N