Halloween Carnival

STEP RIGHT UP TO THE HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL - If you dare, type /warp Halloween to be transported to a world of eerie enchantment and carnival curiosities, where haunting wonders await your every turn. Begin your adventure with the Golden Apple Hunt, where 15 elusive apples, each distinguished by its own numbered sign with a secret word, lie hidden. For those seeking a rush, ride the three death-defying roller-coasters, including the Fright Flight and Death Bringer, promising heart-pounding excitement, while Captain's Merry-Go-Round offers a whimsical whirl. Towering above all, HYTOPIA'S largest Ferris Wheel stands as a testament to the Carnival's grandeur. And for the truly daring, test your agility and mettle with the challenging parkour course that winds its way through this phantasmal playground. In the spectrum of spooktacular builds, Bugsyrock's genius is eerily apparent, as we unveil his creation sending shivers of awe." 👻🎪🎢

Opened 10/24/2023: https://x.com/whitesandsgame/status/1716912420277395846?s=20

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