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- White Sands Items Menu

How to view your White Sands inventory and utilize your vehicles, furniture, and pets
WHITE SANDS ITEMS MENU: This menu will allow you to view and and interact with all of your White Sands NFTs that you own in a connected wallet. Begin by accessing the Main White Sands Menu and selecting White Sands Items:
Once you have made your selection, you will be presented with the following. Descriptions and instructions for the four menu items are found below.
1) PLOTS: Left-click to see your inventory of White Sands land NFTs and status for each (unstaked will have a description and staked will indicate "Currently staked!")
2) VEHICLES: Left-click to see your inventory of White Sands vehicles.
Left-click to select a vehicle.
Left-click on top row to spawn or despawn the vehicle.
Dismount a vehicle by hitting your Shift key. Mount a vehicle by right-clicking it. AFTER you have spawned your vehicle, you may change the color by using the Paint Shop. First, dismount your vehicle. Then, revisit the Vehicles menu and select Paint Shop. Choose your favorite color and flex your ride!
Return to the menu to despawn your vehicle.
3) FURNITURE: Left-click to see your inventory of White Sands furniture items.
Right- or Left-click to select pieces to add to your hot bar to place on your property. (Removing the furniture will replace them back into your inventory.)
It may take some practice to rotate and remove furniture for placement back in your inventory or elsewhere. Here is a 4.75 min' video to demonstrate a simple trick using F3 on your keyboard to accomplish these tasks:
4) PETS: Left-click to see your inventory of White Sands pets.
Left-click on a pet, and s/he will follow you as a companion around White Sands. Right-click on a pet to allow them to roam freely around your property. Return to the menu and right-click the pet to despawn them.