Creative Mode

CREATIVE MODE: When on one of your Parcel Pass (Islet) properties or White Sands Islands Villas, you'll automatically be placed into Creative Mode. With these instructions, you can explore, build, and interact with the world of Minecraft in Creative Mode. Remember, there are no limits to your creativity, so experiment and have fun! Follow these steps:

  1. Move: Use "W" (forward), "A" (left), "S" (backward), "D" (right), "Space" (jump/fly up), and "Shift" (fly down/crouch).

  2. Look around: Move your mouse to change the camera view.

  3. Break blocks: Point your cursor at a block and left-click to break it instantly.

  4. Add blocks/items to hotbar: Left-click a block/item in the inventory, then left-click an empty slot in the hotbar (bottom row).

  5. Remove items from hotbar: Open inventory, left-click the item in the hotbar, then right-click to remove it or place it back anwhere in the inventory.

  6. Close inventory: Press "E" again.

  7. Select a block/item: Scroll the mouse wheel or press number keys (1-9) to select a block/item from the hotbar.

  8. Place blocks: Right-click on a surface while holding the block.

  9. Fly: Double-tap "Space" to start/stop flying; use "Space" and "Shift" to fly up and down.

NOTE: All MPCs, like White Sands Islands, are also highly customizable - however many of the features like walls, landscaping, doors, and fixtures will be locked. This is to ensure, like with an HOA, that each community maintains a standard look-and-feel when viewed from public areas. When inside your home, you will be able to make some modifications and, of course, arrange things like furniture, artwork and more.

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