$TOPIA Distributions

On 03/18/2022, the White Sands project purchased and staked $1,250,000 of NFT Worlds to ensure the project has a platform to expand indefinitely. (NFT Worlds was rebranded "HYTOPIA" on 07/25/2023.) These 45 HYTOPIA Worlds, based on their rarity, are estimated to generate roughly 9,000,000 $TOPIA over their staking lifetime. 100% of this $TOPIA is airdropped monthly to our holders of staked* Genesis Parcel Passes and White Sands Islands Villas. White Sands has traded/added to this pool over time and, as of 04/10/2023, owns 45 TOPIA Worlds, including HYTOPIA World #9977 which is rarity rank #44. Representatives of HYTOPIA have stated that higher ranked worlds will provide priority visibility in the HYTOPIA Launcher.

80% of the tokens are dedicated to Genesis Parcel Passes holders who have their NFTs staked (minimum will be 1/3,000 share of the 80%).

20% are dedicated to White Sands Islands Villas holders who have their NFTs staked (minimum will be 1/250 share of the 20%).

Once a quarter, a developer will take a snapshot of holders who have their NFTs staked and airdrop the quarterly allocation to them. There is no claim or action beyond staking. Holders may check their $TOPIA balance on HYCHAIN, the L2 chain of the ecosystem (https://explorer.hytopia.com/): To add the HYTOPIA network to your Metamask on a PC or Mac, go to the HYCHAIN Mainnet Explorer, scroll to the bottom and find the "Add HYTOPIA Mainnet" button. To add it to your Metamask on mobile, enter the following information:

Network name: HYCHAIN Mainnet URL: https://rpc.hychain.com/http Chain ID: 2911 Currency symbol: TOPIA

Please refer to Resourcesto learn more about staking as well as $TOPIA Token Disclaimers.

*In May of 2023, the White Sands community voted on whether to distribute $TOPIA tokens to all holders or only to those with staked NFTs. The latter option prevailed, indicating a clear majority preference for staked NFT holders to receive the tokens.

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