Pirate's Cove

SET SAIL IN PIRATE'S COVE - Type /warp Pirate to embark on a swashbuckling adventure in our award-winning Pirate's Cove, the 🏆 1st Prize winner in HYTOPIA's inaugural Creator's Build Contest 🏆. Encounter the mysterious Squiggy the giant squid, navigate through ancient shipwrecks and guiding lighthouses, venture near the rumbling volcano, and stroll the bustling boardwalks. With every step, discover the intricate details and hidden treasures of this masterfully crafted realm, fully conceptualized and brought to life by the creativity and collaboration of our very own community builders: @BugsyRocks1, @BWild005, @TheDudeAbidez_, @nft_alpha1, & @AdonisTopia. Ahoy, and happy exploring! ‍☠️‍🐙⚓️

1st Place Awarded 07/29/2023: https://twitter.com/HollanderAdam/status/1685427187883663360?s=20

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