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- My Properties Menu

How to manage your White Sands properties
MY PROPERTIES MENU: This menu allows you access, manage, and port to your owned properties. Begin by accessing the Main White Sands Menu and selecting My Properties:
Choose which property you'd like to manage.
Once you have made your selection, you will be presented with the following. Descriptions and instructions for the nine menu items are found below.
1) VISITORS: By default, all players will have exploratory access to your property but not editing access. To restrict exploratory access, left-click to toggle whether visitors are Allowed or Not Allowed to visit. If this is set to Not Allowed, visitors will be required to enter a gate code (see 2, below) or you must grant them player access (see 3, below).
2) GATE CODES: Once you've determined whether visitors are Allowed or Not Allowed (see 1, above), you can override exploratory and editing access settings by providing visitors with Gate Codes. Left-click to set an Access Code and right-click if you want to set an Edit Code. When players attempt to enter or edit your plot, they'll be required to type the correct code to proceed.
3) PLAYER ACCESS: Once you've determined whether visitors are Allowed or Not Allowed (see 1, above), you can override exploratory and editing access settings by adding players to your plot. Click the signpost to add a specific Minecraft user to your plot. They will show up as a head icon; left-click to toggle if you want them to be able to edit your plot as well. Right-click to remove them entirely. Your property will appear in their - Guest Properties Menu for easy access.
4) TOKEN NUMBER: Indicates which property you're interacting with.
5) TELEPORT HOME & SET SPAWN POINT: Left-click to teleport home. If you'd like to change your spawn point for you or your guests, while home, stand where you'd like to set your spawn point. Next, bring up the menu. Finally, right-click to change the default location.
6) LOAD BLUEPRINT: This will allow you to do four things: 1) Rollback your plot to an automatic snapshot, taken once an hour for 6 hours, 2) Reset your plot to the original beach home, 3) Set your plot to be a blank canvas, sand island, 4) Choose a blueprint from your inventory, including NFT Project Blueprints, and more.
Note: Unless your current work was saved or captured in a backup, you will lose all changes/modifications, as well as any art placed on the walls.
7) ISLAND PORTAL: Left click to add portal to your inventory items. Drag this item to your main bar and select it (using the mouse scroll wheel or numbers 1-9), choose a place on the floor for your portal and right-click to place it. Walk into the portal to return to the spawn point at The Clubhouse. You may move it within your property at any time.
8) MUSIC: Allows you to stream music for everyone on your property. See Voice Chat & Music Broadcasting for detailed instructions.
9) RENAME PLOT: Click and Edit Sign Message to name your plot.
When you hover over it in your My Properties Menu, it will be easily identifiable by name.