Overview & Roadmap

White Sands provides an innovative platform for digital home ownership, personalization, and bespoke interactions. Harnessing the power of HYTOPIA's Creative Mode, coupled with the exclusive White Sands Collections, including furniture, vehicles, and pets, as well as the ability to hang Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on vertical surfaces, users have the tools to craft their digital landscape in a unique and vibrant way.

In addition to personal spaces, White Sands caters to the wider HYTOPIA community by creating a diverse range of Your Travel Guide. These immersive locales offer an array of captivating experiences, accessible to both landowners and casual visitors, adding a layer of rich social interaction to the metaverse.

The journey began with the introduction of the Genesis Parcel Passes- 3,000 unique NFTs allowing holders to stake their claim within the White Sands expanse and start creating on their individual plots, referred to as 'Islets'. Parcel Passes exemplify versatility by serving a dual function. They not only authenticate land ownership but also provide holders with the preferential opportunity to secure their stake in luxury properties within the White Sands ecosystem via MPC Early Access in the future, as was the case with the White Sands Islands Villas.

The community's investment is valued and rewarded. Genesis Parcel Pass holders and White Sands Islands Villa owners are entitled to share in 100% of the $TOPIA produced by staking HYTOPIA Worlds owned by White Sands through $TOPIA Distributions.

HYTOPIA's strength lies in its ability to create seamless connections with potentially thousands of other creative endeavors within the metaverse. In doing so, White Sands, under the umbrella of HYTOPIA, promotes a truly open and interconnected metaverse, forever pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.

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