What You Can Build

ISLETS: Each islet is fully customizable via Minecraft Creative Mode live in the White Sands metaverse environment. All feature a pre-constructed, contemporary luxury residence which can be tailored to the holder's unique preferences or completely transformed into anything they can imagine. There are virtually no restrictions to what a player can create on their Islet (following our standard Terms & Conditions to ensure an inclusive world). Ownership also grants the ability hang NFT art on vertical surfaces, add furniture, park vehicles, allow pets to wander the property, utilize NFT Project Blueprints, save structures and builds as blueprints, and participate in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area, and more. MASTER-PLANNED COMMUNITIES: All MPCs, like White Sands Islands, are also highly customizable; however, many of the features like walls, landscaping, doors, and fixtures will be locked. This is to ensure, like with an HOA, that each community maintains a standard look-and-feel when viewed from public areas. When inside your home, you will be able to make some modifications and, of course, arrange things like furniture, artwork and more. SOLO & COLLABORATIVE FREE BUILD AREAS: White Sands now features two expansive open build areas: Solo and Collaborative. Visit Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area, as well as White Sands Paletteto learn more. You can view what our team, holders, and visitors have built via https://map.whitesands.game/ at any time!

More Inspiration in Locations of May '22 OG Build Contest and Discord (see Official Links).

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