Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area

BUILD AND EXPLORE - White Sands presents two vast open sandbox areas: Solo and Collaborative. Type /warp solobuild or /warp multibuild to visit the free build destinations. These spaces act as boundless creative platforms for unrestrained artistic expression (following our standard Terms & Conditions to ensure an inclusive world). πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ—οΈπŸ› οΈ Opened 04/13/2023: In the Solo area, exclusively for White Sands holders, players bring unique designs to life without any external disruptions. To alter another user's work in this space, the holder must grant permission. The Collaborative area encourages all users to display their inventiveness and interact with others' creations openly, promoting a collaborative atmosphere. White Sands Palette - Use the White Sands Palette if you want to save your creations or deploy a previously saved Structure or Personal Blueprint (entire islet) in the Free Build Area, or vice versa. Set Home Points & Teleport Direct - Players now have access to setup up to three home points at locations of their choice in the Free Build Areas. This will allow you to return to your builds easily without having to search the world to find where you were previously working.

  • Set Home: Type /sethome <name> to create a home at your current location.

  • Return Home: Type /home <name> to teleport to a saved home.

  • Delete Home: Type /delhome <name> to remove a saved home and free up space.

  • List Homes: Type /home to display a list of all currently set homes.

NOTE: As these areas fill up, we will (with notice) periodically wipe the slate clean. We also reserve the right to save certain creations for permanent installation in our White Sands metaverse. Stay updated on the ongoing creations by visiting anytime!

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