Genesis Parcel Passes

The Deed to Your Islet

The first phase of the White Sands Roadmap was the introduction of 3,000 Genesis Parcel Passes, each providing ownership to an Islet (small island), which sold out on 03/15/2022 for 0.5 ETH ea. Ownership of these Islets can now be sold/traded on the secondary market via MagicEden:

Each islet includes a pre-constructed, contemporary luxury residence which can be tailored to your unique preferences or completely transformed into anything you can imagine.

Harnessing the power of Minecraft's Creative Mode, coupled with the exclusive White Sands Collections, including furniture, vehicles, and pets, users have the tools to craft their digital landscape in a unique and vibrant way.

Ownership also grants the ability to hang NFT art on vertical surfaces; By integrating Ethereum and Polygon NFTs, White Sands enriches user customization, turning personal spaces into unique digital galleries that reflect their Web 3.0 journey. This setup also enables users to hang self-made NFTs, thus bringing cherished real-world experiences into this vast digital landscape. Learn more in the Player's Manual under - NFT Art Menu.

In addition, holders can Access Controltheir property, utilize NFT Project Blueprints, save structures or entire Islets using White Sands Palette, participate in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area, and more. See What You Can Buildfor further information.

On top of the benefits listed above, Parcel Pass owners can passively earn $TOPIA via $TOPIA Distributions. Moreover, owners will receive MPC Early Access for all future master-planned developments in White Sands, as was the case in April, 2022 with White Sands Islands Villas, and they will also receive a 10% discount on any MPC home purchased on primary in White Sands.

Islets are a creator's dream; there are virtually no restrictions to what you can create on your islet.

Learn more about the utility of these NFTs in What You Can Build, $TOPIA Distributions, and Your Travel Guide.

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