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- NFT Art Menu

How to hang your NFTs on your properties or in the Art Gallery
NFT ART MENU: This menu allows you to create inventory items of your NFTs which can be placed on the walls of your home as art. Begin by accessing the Main White Sands Menu and selecting NFT Art:
The icons on the top represent a quick Guide, option to order the NFTs Alphabetically, and a Compass to search.
Click the Compass to start your search Edit Sign Message with your search term. For example, if you wanted to find Bored Ape 3987, you could search for 3987. This will allow you to easily find NFTs inside of a large wallet.
Click an NFT gem icon to choose which NFT inventory item you'd like to create.
Determine the size you'd like to create, and Edit Sign Message. Type Small for 1x1, Medium for 2x2, and Large for 3x3.
A new item will be placed into your inventory which you can then drag into your main menu bar.
NFT Art Item Available to Drag into Main Menu Bar
Select this item on your main menu bar (using the mouse scroll wheel or numbers 1-9), choose a place on the wall and right-click to place your art!
About to Place NFT Art on Wall
Looks great! Walk up to your art and right-click to remove at any time.