Eye of Ankhara's Palace

DECYPHER THE HYROGLYPHICS OF ANKARA'S PALACE! - Presenting the grandeur and majesty of The Eye of Ankhara's Palace, by our very own, BugsyRocks! Type /warp Pharoah to arrive at the start of your adventure. In the heart of a vast desert, a realm of wonder beckons you forth. Begin your journey through its depths, where enigmatic riddles guard age-old secrets for you to discover. INITIAL CLUE: "I possess a leonine form and eagle's wings, My lips hold a riddle that royalty sings. My gaze is unyielding, a grand spectacle, In deserts and legends, I reign as oracle. What am I?" Locate the majestic structure hinted at in your first clue to receive your ensuing directive. Embark to your subsequent destinations in search of the age-old symbols. Master three distinct challenges to decipher the symbols' meanings: Navigate the spectral maze! Triumph over the daunting parkour! Trust your memory! 🧩⚱️🦅

Opened 09/21/2023: https://x.com/whitesandsgame/status/1704885758216069603?s=20

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