On 07/18/22 White Sands announced the addition of Resources into its ecosystem.

Resources and $TOPIA are earned by staking specific land/homes inside of White Sands; currently, Parcel Passes and White Sands Islands Villas NFTs. You can stake your White Sands NFTs via

See $TOPIA Distributions for further information on $TOPIA rewards for staking.

Each Parcel Pass has one Resource trait embedded into its metadata; they are evenly distributed, so none are more rare than another. Each White Sands Islands Villa has each of the three Resource traits embedded into its metadata. Future land/homes may have Resource traits associated or they may be absent. There are currently three types of resources: - Petrified Wood: Related to furniture and similar items - Gemstones: Related to pets and similar items - Rare Earth Metals: Related to vehicles and similar items By staking your NFT, you'll receive a specific amount of that Resource every seven days. (There is no lock-up period, and they can be claimed weekly or at any time.) Resources are claimable via the staking website and result in ERC-1155 NFTs of that Resource (You will require a tiny bit of $MATIC to claim/trade). These NFTs are tradable on the secondary market via

Resources will be required in-game to purchase items that provide unique utility. As an example, to catch a particular type of pet, say a butterfly, you might need a butterfly net. Or to access a certain area, you might require a mining pick to get through a wall. Vendors will exist in the world which you can trade resources with for these special items - which will also be represented by NFTs and tradable on the secondary market. Resources will not replace $TOPIA as our main in-game currency; they will supplement it for very specific use cases - providing unique and valuable utility to our land owners.

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