White Sands Palette

White Sands Palette: The White Sands Palette revolutionizes block manipulation, allowing you to save and deploy Structures and Personal Blueprints as often as you wish. Structures can be created and saved in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Areaor on Islets or in Villas, and they can be deployed wherever they spatially fit. Personal Blueprints save entire islets and can be deployed on the same or other Islet, as well as in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area. SAVING & DEPLOYING A STRUCTURE

  1. Confirm your Selection: Hit "T" on your keyboard and type /structure confirm to save your selection to the Palette.


Personal Blueprints enable you to save entire islets, preserving your creations without fear of losing them.

  1. Initiate the Personal Blueprint Process: Click an icon in the bottom row in the menu above. Enter a name for your islet Blueprint structure by Editing the Sign Message and clicking Done. You may have a max' of 3 blueprints at a time.

Happy building!

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