Built on HYTOPIA

Infinite Possibilities and Evolving Experiences

White Sands was passionately created on HYTOPIA (formerly NFT Worlds) - because the metaverse will never be just a single company maintaining closed experiences. White Sands is designed to be your home-base while allowing you to easily move and transport to thousands of other creations within the HYTOPIA ecosystem. Whether you're up for a serene round of golf, eager to defend a castle against a fire-breathing dragon, or need to convene a swift meeting in a virtual office, White Sands is your gateway. It's where every journey begins and concludes, allowing you to return to your personal haven that truly resonates with YOU.

HYTOPIA: The Dawn of a Web3 Gaming Revolution

Mark your calendars for Q2, 2024, as HYTOPIA unveils its Beta phase, redefining the Web3 gaming landscape. This platform is a convergence point for visionaries, innovators, and gamers, all thriving in a realm where creativity knows no bounds. HYTOPIA is an open, free-to-play domain that welcomes you to sculpt your dreams into reality amidst a voxel-based, community-oriented space dedicated to social gaming at its finest.

At the heart of HYTOPIA's philosophy is an unyielding drive to unleash imagination, build a worldwide community of forward-thinkers, and democratize game development. It's a place where community, collaboration, and creativity are not just encouraged—they're integral.

Own Your Experience in White Sands

White Sands will be the nexus of HYTOPIA, offering unique luxury real estate and experiences that seamlessly integrate with the broader ecosystem. It's a place where every day is an adventure. Here, you're invited to:

  • Play and Connect: Enjoy a myriad of Your Travel Guideand minigames, forge meaningful connections with your neighbors and the White Sands community, attend social engagements, celebrate with friends, and partake in a vibrant economy.

  • Own and Personalize: Claim a piece of this digital paradise as your own with Genesis Parcel Passesor White Sands Islands Villas, tailoring them to your liking, ensuring your home perfectly represents your identity.

  • Build and Collaborate: Whether you're crafting monumental works in solo or joining forces with friends in the Solo & Collaborative Free Build Area, White Sands is where your creative aspirations come to life.

  • Travel & Connect: Visit The Pearl - Portal Building, your gateway to curated experiences in our world and throughout HYTOPIA.

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